Topics of a week #1

I randomly pick up my hot topics in this week.

[OSX] “Show desktop by Command-D” by Karabinar

I fell in love with this shortcut command at first sight because surprisingly, “Cmd + D” has not mainly been used to the other apps even in console applications for me. Letter “D” stands for, of course, the word Desktop. That’s definitely easy to remember.

When I would like to show desktop, I used to use the built-in hot corner. However, UI of moving cursor to the edge of screen is simple and doesn’t interrupt everything but sometime bothersome. This command has changed the game (…for me)

[Tmux] Tmux Pane & Window Control configure

## Window & Pane control
bind -n C-right next-window
bind -n C-left  previous-window
bind -n C-down  select-pane -t :.+
bind -n C-up    select-pane -t :.-

See my commit:

We can move anywhere across panes & windows just using Ctrl + arrow on tmux. That’s definitely intuitive.

[Evernote] Little markdown shortcut

$ Just type "```"
$ Then quote block automatically starts.

I have never heard of this feature though, Evernote quietly added this feature as a part of new feature recently. Evernote has not had fully markdown feature still and only thing which markdown lovers can do is just pasting text from the other editors.

Evernote just provides a little feature still, but for me, this is quite enough to make document pretty.

[Game] Papers, Please

Papers, Please:

An engineer friend of mine told me about this game a while ago and said that “The infrastructure engineers must play this game because this game reflects real world of our business and we can learn a lot of things”.

The gameplay of this, the player play role as an immigration officer for the fictional country of Arstotzka in the year 1982.

In the first phase, there’re less rules and easy to inspect arrivals. As time goes on, so many rules will be regulated and some unprecedentde incidents get to happen.